DeviantArt is deactivated permanently! Been inactive there so I don't plan on using it anymore.

about me

i like drawing stuff that
makes me happy ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  • they/them preferred, i dont mind other prns

  • august 9

  • isfp

(next page ab persona refs and faq)

persona references

working on an update :)

  • may i draw you fanart?

of course! feel free to dm me, i have my notifications off on main (i get overwhelmed easily) so i wont see if you tagged me, so dm me or tag me on instagram! :D

  • do they have names?

the catgirl is just me and the box demon is Chiyaki

  • which one is your main avatar?

both. sometimes i feel like being a kawaii anime catgirl and sometimes one of satan's disciples.

frequently asked questions

  • what do you use to draw?

A: i use clip studio paint for art and medibang paint for editing/finalizing. im currently using a huion h640p + laptop

  • what brushes do you use?

A: default brushes include: g-pen, darker pencil, turnip pen, dense watercolour, transparent watercolour. downloaded brushes include:

  • are your commissions open?

A: nope! will be announcing when i do!

art permission

  • using my art...

as long as credit is given and it's not being used for profit, go ahead!credit for pfp isn't necessary but is appreciated ♥

  • reposting...

i allow people to repost my art, but please give credit!i immediately take down reposts with no credit.

  • using my art...

i don't mind people taking inspiration from my style but...please don't heavily reference or trace my art.

  • reposting...

if it took you 5 or more days to give credit, please take it down.